About Us

Greater San Diego Music Coterie
Dr. Angela Yeung, Director

Founded by Dr. Angela Yeung in the fall of 2010, the Greater San Diego (GSD) Music Coterie is a member-based organization that serves the greater San Diego community through its dynamic range of subsidiary groups: the Greater San Diego Chamber Orchestra, the Greater San Diego Chamber Chorus, and the Coterie Celli. With its unique repertoire and multiple performance opportunities, each group provides its members a vehicle to develop and enrich their musical skills while sharing their artistic endeavors with the community. In keeping with the spirit of collective musical learning and performances, the GSD Music Coterie also co-sponsors the Winter and Summer Chamber Music Festivals that are held annually on the University of San Diego campus.

Our Mission:

(1) to welcome the participation of musically trained individuals of all ages, races and backgrounds, inspiring them to challenge themselves for the highest possible artistic achievement in every rehearsal and performance;

(2) to enrich the lives of all but especially the young, fostering in them self-confidence, a sense of teamwork and a communal quest for excellence;

(3) to share the joy of music and individual musical talent with one another;

(4) to present performances to the public that are enjoyable, uplifting, and educational.

The Greater San Diego Music Coterie received its not-for-profit status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States in July 2012.